"Lara provides a unique perspective on life, especially on how to live a good one. She truly is the real deal." - Christie Mims, Founder of The Revolutionary Club, A Forbes Top 100 Site |  www.therevolutionaryclub.com            

About Lara

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I’m a mom, wife, teacher, blogger, coach, aspiring badass truth teller, empathizer and regular small town girl.  I connect people to themselves, each other, ideas, and new possibilities. I am intensely curious and LOVE to hear people’s stories and discover what lights them up. I get a rush from helping people see themselves clearly, letting them know they're never alone in their struggles, and that there is always a way back to the light.  I have a knack for reading between the lines and seeing straight through bullshit. I live for ‘aha’ moments and the phrase, “I never thought of it that way before.”  If you want to check out exactly what I do around here (teaching, e-courses, writing, coaching), you can find that right here.

What I believe:

  • I believe in truth & integrity
  • I believe in challenging the status quo
  • I believe that the only way out of anything, is through it
  • I believe that refusal to deal with our bullshit/baggage, is tragic
  • I believe we all have something worth sharing with the world
  • I believe in second chances
  • I believe in knowing when to call it quits
  • I believe we all just want to be heard and understood
  • I believe in getting better with age
  • I believe we are all enough but that sometimes, we need help seeing that for ourselves
  • I believe that open minds are the best minds
  • I believe nobody is the boss of me, or of you....that's the beauty of free will
  • I believe in intuition, astrology, alternative medicine, the interconnectedness of all things, and some other woo woo stuff
  • I believe that ignoring your soul's calling can be fatal
  • I believe in taking self loving chances and trusting that it will all work out
  • I believe sharing a good meal can be transformative
  • I believe that a person can never have too many books
  • I believe we're all in this together
  • I believe that people change if and when they're ready, and not a minute sooner
  • I believe that self-awareness, open mindedness, empathy and positive human connection are the cures for most of the problems in our lives and the world

Some things I love:

  • My family & friends....old and new, near and far
  • Nature and living somewhere with four seasons
  • Books - it's an addiction really
  • Food glorious food – shopping for, cooking, sharing, talking and reading about, and even taking pictures of it
  • Roaring fires 
  • Jeans - they're like my uniform...but ewww...not a fan of uniforms
  • Astrology
  • Laughing till I snort and my eyes water
  • Rocks, stones, gems
  • Music - my tastes are eclectic
  • Freedom
  • Feeling safe, nurtured and connected
  • Meaningful conversation
  • Red red wine
  • Getting to the bottom of things
  • People who give me the warm fuzzies
  • People who make me want to shout, 'Hell Yeah!'
  • Singing loudly, often in the car, but anywhere will do
  • Dancing....which I don't do enough of
  • Yoga....which I sometime don't do enough of
  • Learning something new - like always! 
  • The feeling of accomplishment that comes from creating something - a blog post, a meal, a garden, an e-course.....
  • Myself (most of the time anyhow). There I said it.  Took me a long time to get comfortable with that.

If you really want to know:

  • I have degrees in Education, Anthropology, Political Science and most of a Master’s in Human Development (yes most....almost all actually....more on that below)
  • I was an Elementary Teacher for 10 years.  Teaching is in my blood, but the system was stifling.  I am still an Ontario Certified Teacher, but I teach on my own terms now.
  • As a graduate student, I was the Recipient of an award from the Northern Cancer Research Foundation (for contributions to cancer research in the north). I also co-published an article in Chronic Diseases in Canada Journal
  • I heart writing.  Sometimes I find it easier than talking.  I once took a Writing for Publication course and the instructor wrote on my transcript - 'You ARE a writer'.  This made me very happy :)
  • I am a certified Life Coach
  • I am a certified Reiki Practitioner (Levels 1&2)
  • In the job department, been there, done that – including jobs as a Teacher, Talent Development Specialist, Daycare Worker, Event Coordinator, Waitress, Soap Maker, House Painter and Radio Hostess. 
  • I have taken courses in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Writing for Publication, Connecting, Medical Intuition, Astrology, Cultivating Courage, Homeopathy and Cake Decorating :)
  • I have designed, delivered and/or facilitated workshops, sessions and e-courses on fear, connecting with your core desired feelings, arts education, literacy, change management, team building, coaching for managers, thinking outside the box and decision making.

Quirks, Curiosities and stuff my BFFs know:

  • I refer to my intuition as my ‘Spidey Senses’
  • I love to play air guitar (usually when nobody is looking)
  • I once helped orchestrate Thanksgiving dinner for 600
  • I used to play football and stopped to go to charm school
  • In my 30s, I went through a long stretch of trying to pretend I was 'normal', a few years ago, I gave that up.  Hallefreakinglulah!
  • Like many of us, I've been bitch slapped by life a whole bunch of times.  But, I've made it to the other side.  Every. Single. Time. And I'm getting better at being proud of that.
  • I crave comfort - an itchy tag in my shirt or a cold ankle can distract me for an entire day!
  • I dated my husband for exactly 29 days before he proposed….saying “I do” was the best decision I have ever made
  • I get excited when it gets cold enough to put a fire on
  • I used get flummoxed by technology and have been dubbed ‘Laura Ingalls’ by some of my friends.  I'm almost over it.
  • I love to paint – mostly the walls of the house I live in – but I have dabbled in water colour and acrylics
  • Risotto is my ‘signature dish’
  • I think Drew Barrymore and I would be besties if we ever met
  • In my youth, I was OBSESSED with S.E. Hinton’s ‘The Outsiders’….my mother actually hid the book because she couldn’t deal with my meltdown every time I got to the part where Johnny dies. Oops, sorry if you haven't read the book
  • I have very little idea of what goes on in the entertainment world.  And mostly, I don't care 
  • I have known many of the people in my life for over 30 years
  • I love being ‘on stage’.....but I'm really kind of an introvert.  I've hear the word 'ambivert' before.  That might describe me.
  • Small talk exhausts me.....I sometimes zone out when people are talking about the latest episode of, blah, blah, blah.....                                  
  • I am a Pisces, Virgo Rising, Scorpio Moon (translation…..a creative, compassionate, imaginative, empathic, intense, control freak)
  • Owning a villa in Italy, is definitely on my bucket list
  • In my younger days, I did some local television and radio commercials and a few modelling gigs (pre internet, YouTube and Facebook...Thank God!)
  • I dropped out of graduate school just before I finished because I found it soul sucking and mind numbing and knew if I continued, my life would go somewhere I really didn't want it to.  In my letter I stated, ”I need to do something more creative with my life”
  • I co-owned a home based business that made products for people and pets. Even though it made no money, it was the best job I've ever had.....until now.
  • I have a thing about frogs
  • I quit a successful career as an elementary school teacher because the broken system literally made me sick…..and because, I needed to do something more creative with my life
  • I launched this website in 2013.  A year later, I left my day job as Talent Development Specialist (whatever that means), to be my own boss and do stuff I actually love.  No looking back!

So, What's With the Frog?

"I have always had an affinity for frogs and find it fitting that they symbolize transformation and transitions, healing and renewal, opportunity and luck. All of these meanings have significance to me in some way. The frog is a comforting symbol to me, prompting me to stay calm and go with the flow in times of chaos. Frogs remind me that transition may be uncomfortable, but if I am willing to trust the process, there is always something beautiful waiting on the other side."- Lara Newell-Barrette


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"Lara is a wonderful inspiration, and the kind of woman I aspire to be. The way she is able to represent both the light and dark side of the human condition is beautiful. This being the second course I have completed of Lara's, I can honestly say she helps build bridges for others to feel safe in being exactly who they are without judgment. Thank you so much for sharing your own insight and vulnerability throughout this process, and for always making yourself available to others. You are a beautiful soul inside and out! Looking forward to seeing what lies ahead."       Laura-Leigh  GrannyBirdDesigns


“Lara is a bright shining presence who adds a layer of intelligence and sweetness to each encounter. It's a privilege working with her!” - Melanie Harth PhD
Dr. Melanie Harth in the Huffington Post