Practical Magic for Soul Liberation

So, who am I... and how can that help you? 

The short answer is, I’m a woman who’s learned a shit ton about how to thrive, not just survive, in the midst of the chaos that is being human, and I’m on a mission to help you do the same.  After years of trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with me, I cried tears of sweet relief, when I finally realized that my soul had been trying to get my attention for decades, and to my detriment, I'd been ignoring it.  

Never. Again.

Now, my soul and I are besties.  Because I KNOW it will never steer me wrong.  Now, every single day I practice courage, while simultaneously being terrified, because my soul is a brave one, and so is yours.  I know you're capable of re-connecting with your soul, kicking your fear to the curb, and being who you really are, too.  I also know, without a doubt, that we’re all in this together, even if it doesn't always seem that way.  To feel free to be who we truly are, and connected to our tribe, whoever that is.  It’s what we all want.  

Soul Liberation!

The longer answer is…

Well, that’s a loaded question!  Really, who can define themselves in just a few sentences, or even a couple of paragraphs?  This whole being human thing is super complicated, and ever evolving.  But, because I like you, and because I hope that hearing a little bit more about my story will encourage you and make you feel less alone, I’ll give it a try…

I’m a lot of the same things many people are – wife, mom, sister, daughter.  Even those things aren’t always as simple as they sound though, right?  I’m a certified teacher, a life coach (a label I don’t love, because it’s generic, often misunderstood, and doesn’t really describe how I work with people, but it’s a familiar term, so I use it), and I write a blog, because writing is super cheap therapy. 

I also went to school for a crazy long time.  I still kind of do.  My middle name is, Curious.  Okay, it’s Lynne, but that makes me sound like a country singer.  I’m a little more rock and roll.  Anyhow, I managed to earn a few degrees – the one I like to tell people about is my B.A. in Anthropology, which is kind of weird because that’s also when my panic and anxiety was off the hook.  But it was my favourite, and it sounds way cooler than Political Science, Human Development, or Education (which are the other things I studied in University). 

I kind of consider all of that stuff, plus the fact that I’ve had too many jobs to count, including as an elementary school teacher for about 10 years, the practical side of what I do, and who I am.

Here’s where things get a little woo-woo.

I’m an empath, someone who feels ALL the feels – (my own, yours, and everyone else’s).  Some people use the term, ‘intuitive’, which I’m cool with too, but I'm not super comfortable with the term ‘psychic’, because the practical side of me cringes when I hear that word.  It has so many stereotypes attached to it.  Although, I do believe there are some folks who are legit psychic – I’ve even met a few.  I've also been told by legit psychics that I need to own it, and just embrace it as part of who I am too.  Truthfully, I'm still not there - so in the meantime, I'll stick with how I'm comfortable describing myself.

This whole being an energy/feeling sponge thing, caused me a lot of grief, anxiety, and several mystery/chronic illnesses in my childhood, right up until my 30s, when I started really learning about energy, and acknowledging that the ‘mystical’ stuff I had experienced and been fascinated with (but kept mostly quiet about) since I was a kid, wasn’t just fluff, coincidence, or party tricks, but is as real and valid (maybe even more so) as the stuff they teach in school.  Well, except for The School of Witchery, which I’m a student of.  It’s like Hogwarts, only it’s for real, and online.  Incidentally, I'm o.k. if you call me a Witch too.  I'll totally own that label

Over the last couple of decades or so, through immersing myself in a ton of teachings, trainings, and practices, and going through some really difficult personal situations, leading to several runs of therapy (some of which actually helped), I’ve learned to let go of a whole lot of baggage, and to embrace and hone my gift of feeling all the feels.  I now consider it a kind of superpower, that I prefer to use for good. 

Truthfully, being a super-feeler can get downright exhausting, even overwhelming.  As a result, self-care has become something I’ve had to cultivate for my own sanity and self-preservation, and because my family likes me a lot more when I’m not a tired, moody, raving lunatic. Also, if you're going to offer yourself up to people in the way I do, you can't truly be of service, unless you're willing to do the work on yourself, and keep yourself in an optimal state of wellness. After decades on this spiritual path, I continue to do the work on myself, because if we're being honest, there is always work to do! 1353 web.Chair handonchin

On top of all that, I study Evolutionary Astrology (currently under the brilliant astrologer and psychotherapist, Mark Jones), and have begun using this profound form of practical magic in my work, because of the healing impact it’s had on my own life. 

I also use tarot, and other oracle cards in my work.  They’re an old and most powerful means of tapping into higher wisdom, and have been an incredibly validating and healing tool in my own life. 

I've always been a feet firmly planted on the ground, head in the clouds kind of girl.  Half submersed in earthly, practical reality, and half floating in the mystical realms.  I'm a realist, who believes wholeheartedly in magic.  This is how I approach the work I do with people.  Whether it be through e-courses, card readings, personal consultations, group workshops, or connecting with folks via social media and other forms of communication.

I guess the last thing I think you should know about me is that I have an intense relationship with truth, as both a seeker and a teller. I have a finely tuned bullshit detector. It’s authenticity or bust for this girl! Which is both a blessing and a curse. 

If it’s not true or authentic, I know it, and I get physically uncomfortable, which makes it really hard to be around certain people and situations.  I sometimes feel like that kid in the story, The Emperor’s New Clothes.  You know the one where the guy is naked and everyone is afraid to say anything, but the kid is all like, ‘Um…Seriously?  Are we all gonna just stand here and pretend this isn’t happening?’  Yeah, that’s me.

Which is partly why I had chronic stomach issues and some other kooky stuff growing up.  The mind/body/soul connection is a powerful thing!  I was around people and situations that weren't always aligned with the truth. Now as an adult, when people are evading the truth in their actions or words (even if they don’t mean to, or aren't conscious of it themselves), my Spidey senses start firing like a boss.  Sometimes, I have to bite my tongue hard, and take lots of deep breaths to prevent myself from calling bullshit, when it’s just not appropriate or worth it.  Other times, I have to walk away for the higher good.  Setting boundaries like a ninja, allows me to keep my heart open.  Sounds like a contradiction but really, it's just one more form of practical magic.

There's a bunch more stuff I could tell you.  Life's complicated right?  It's never a straight line.  If you're really curious, you'll find out more on my blog. This post is a good place to start, and will give you a pretty clear picture of the lowest low I bounced back from.  This one will tell you more than you ever wanted to know. 

Thanks for taking the time to read all this!  I'd love to help you with whatever you're going through. I know from experience that sometimes we all need a little help!  If that sounds like something you're interested in, check out my Services and the E-Courses I offer. 

Shine on brave soul!

xo Lara

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