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Practical Magic for Moving Through Fear.grey

Do you suffer from Anxiety and/or Panic Attacks?
Does Fear stop you from fully embracing life?
This 4 hour in-person workshop will allow you to explore your relationship to fear in a safe and comfortable environment.
You'll walk away with strategies and concrete actions you can take to help you calm your anxiety & panic, and get on with living!
You'll be encouraged and empowered to live a more courageous life - whatever that looks like to you.

Here are the details:

Date: Next Date TBA

Time: 12 - 4 p.m.

Location: Tree of Life North, Complimentary Healing Centre, Sudbury, Ont.

Cost: $85.00 (which includes HST)

How To Register & Pay (You have three options):

1. Click this link to pay via Paypal: Pay Via Paypal
2. Send an e-transfer to:
3. Pay in person (cash only) at the Tree of Life -
    1375 Regent St., Sudbury, # 2b

There are a limited number of spaces available for this workshop (12 max.). To reserve your place - pay in full, or you may also make a $40.00 deposit with the remainder ($45) due at the start of the workshop on April 30th

What to Bring - water, snacks, a journal, an open mind, and whatever else makes you feel comfortable.
**Please bring something to place on our temporary altar that will be returned to you at the end of the workshop. This should be an item, photo, quote, etc. that brings you
  a sense of comfort and makes you feel grounded and/or empowered in some way.

If you have any questions, please contact me!
Phone: (705)-929-9571



Kick Fear To The

Kick Fear To The Curb is a 5 week e-course (online) to help you live a more courageous life.  It's all about getting comfortable with taking action, despite our fears.  It's about being the hero of your own life.  It will allow you to practice being brave and afraid in a fun, low pressure, flexible, supportive and safe environment.  Imagine how your life could look if you didn't let fear make your decisions for you.  Imagine how liberating and empowering it would feel if you stopped letting fear be the boss of you.

Here are the details:

Next session date: TBA.  Subscribe to my email list, check back here, or like my Facebook page to stay up to date!

Each week you'll get access to 3 different lessons (Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays).   The notifications will come to you at whatever email you provide.  The lessons take place in an online 'classroom' that is really simple to navigate, always open and interactive.  I will be there too!   There are no live calls and no specific times you need to be 'in class'.  Don't you love flexibility?

You can choose to do the lessons anytime you want once they become available.  Every student who enrolls, will have indefinite access to the material, even when the course is officially over!  So no pressure, no missing out.

The lessons will consist of simple exercises, audios, videos, articles, etc. that are designed to help you get more comfortable with fear, motivate you and encourage you to practice taking small actions that will help you live a more courageous life.  And of course, we will celebrate our successes!  I will be there right along with you, available for questions, encouragement and to support you on your journey. 

Cost for the course:  $120.00 CDN + HST.  You have the option of paying in two equal installments of $60.00 + HST.

You can submit your payment via the paypal button below, or if you prefer, you can e-transfer me at   If online banking isn't your thing, you can mail an old fashioned cheque to: 

Lara Newell-Barrette
Box 194
Copper Cliff, ON, P0M 1N0

To pay via Paypal (it's easy and secure), choose from the dropdown options below.  You can pay in full or in two installments.  13%HST will be added at checkout.

Course Payment Options

Once payment is received, you will be sent a link to register and get access to Ruzuku - the super cool and easy online classroom where the course takes place. 

Please email me once you've registered, or with any questions you have, at  or connect with me on Facebook here.


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Want to Host a Private Workshop or Event?

Contact me and we can arrange a workshop/class in the comfort of your own home, workplace, or the location of your choosing.  You provide the location, people, nourishment....I'll take care of the rest! 




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"Kick Fear To The Curb provided me with a rare opportunity to set aside time for myself to focus on my goals and to explore some of the reasons that prevent me from reaching them.  Fear can take many forms and it wasn't immediately obvious to me what mine were, but Lara provided a safe space and gentle encouragement that helped me navigate the process.  It was helpful to read the comments from others taking the course.  Everyone was being brave and afraid at the same time and it was inspiring." ~ Sandi

"Lara!! I am so grateful for you! Your Kick Fear to the Curb has brought me to a place I couldn't have reached without you and your course! I had the courage to call out that I wasn't happy in my current role in my career, approaching my mentors and coaches, and collectively had open discussions and made the move to a new role! Consequently, I have more time for me!" ~Marissa

"I have had the pleasure of taking the Kick Fear to the Curb online course. The information provided was thought provoking and helped me better understand my own behaviours and reactions. I had many aha moments as I read through and watched the material presented. Lara's guidance and feedback helped make the online environment feel like a 'live' place. I really enjoyed the fact that the modules are available online and that if life gets in the way you are able to pick up where you left off." Amy


"Lara is a wonderful inspiration, and the kind of woman I aspire to be. The way she is able to represent both the light and dark side of the human condition is beautiful. This being the second course I have completed of Lara's, I can honestly say she helps build bridges for others to feel safe in being exactly who they are without judgment. Thank you so much for sharing your own insight and vulnerability throughout this process, and for always making yourself available to others. You are a beautiful soul inside and out! Looking forward to seeing what lies ahead."       Laura-Leigh  GrannyBirdDesigns


"It was an amazing experience.  I would recommend Lara’s virtual workshop to any of my friends in a heartbeat! The community she has built is so positive and supportive. Lara does a great job of providing all the tools you need to feel good about your goals. I think the greatest takeaway from Lara's Virtual Workshop was learning to give myself space to feel the way I want to feel and not take my goals so harshly. It was also amazing to have Lara's reassurance that a lot of people feel the same throughout the process. She's very good at letting you know that you are not alone." Daniella


"I would like to thank Lara for a most excellent 2 days! Lara, you provided the right amount of input and room for personal discovery. An excellent job of delivering what everybody needed in a group setting... definitely worth the investment. Lots of aha moments, great take aways......and new friendships that will continue to growLeslie