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Are you more of an independent, DIY soul?  Someone who likes to learn by doing?  Are you ready to make some changes, need a little direction, but need to do the work on your terms? Maybe you like the idea of being connected to like minds, but not necessarily in the same room as them (hellooo introverts). Or, maybe you live somewhere you just don't have access to this kind of practical magic in person.  Good news! I've got you covered!  The beauty of online learning is that you can do it from literally anywhere with an internet connection, and on your schedule.  Who doesn't love convenience?  Here are the e-courses I designed just for you...


Be Your Own BFF Full Price

Every day for 21 days, an opportunity to practice cultivating the most important relationship you will ever have... the one with yourself!  

Putting yourself on the priority list is not selfish.  Actually, it's the opposite of selfish, because when we care for ourselves, we have more of ourselves to give. We also show up as happier, healthier, less-frazzled people in our relationships, jobs, friendships, creative pursuits, and anywhere else that's important to us.  

You can sign up anytime, start when you're ready, and do the lessons/practices on your own schedule.  All with support and encouragement!

"Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation..."  ~ Audre Lorde  

                      Class is always open!  Sign up anytime!
Questions? Email: 
                      Once payment is made, you will receive a welcome email 
                      from me within 48 hrs, with the link to get into class.
                      (Don't forget to check your 'junk folder' just in case!)                                                                                                                     

 "I feel like I've gained back balance in my life.  I am no practicing making choices that are good for me and not allowing myself to be influenced by those around me. I feel that I will soon be able to handle making the big decisions that have been floating around in my mind for a long time now..." - Melissa

"Lara's guidance and feedback helped make the online environment feel like a 'live' place.  I really enjoyed the fact that the modules are available online and that if life gets in the way you are able to pick up where you left off." - Amy

"Thank you so much Lara.  Your support and feedback was just what I needed at this time of my life.  I walked into this course not knowing what to expect and I was able to take away so much!  I feel so empowered and grateful and I can't thank you enough for helping me and providing me with the encouragement that
I  needed to move past my fears! - Lindsey

Kick Fear To The

A 5 week online course to help you live a more courageous life.  It's all about getting comfortable with taking action, despite our fears.  It's about being the hero of your own life.  It will allow you to practice being brave and afraid in a low pressure, flexible, supportive and safe environment.  Imagine how your life could look if you didn't let fear make your decisions for you.  Imagine how it would feel if you stopped letting fear be the boss of you.  Soul liberation!

Here are the details:

Next session date: TBA  

Each week you'll get access to 3 different lessons (Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays).  The lessons take place in an online 'classroom' that's really simple to navigate, always open and interactive. 
I'll be there too!  
There are no live calls and no specific times you need to be 'in class'.  Don't you love flexibility?

You can choose to do the lessons anytime you want once they become available.  Every student who enrolls, will have indefinite access to the material, even when the course is officially over!  So no pressure, no missing out.

The lessons will consist of simple exercises, audios, videos, articles, etc. that are designed to help you get more comfortable with fear, motivate you and encourage you to practice taking small actions that will help you live a more courageous life.  And of course, we will celebrate our successes!  I will be there right along with you, available for questions, encouragement and to support you on your journey. 

Cost for the course:  $120.00 CDN + HST.  You have the option of paying in two equal installments of $60.00 + HST.

You can submit your payment via the paypal button below, or if you prefer, you can e-transfer me at  


 You can pay in full, or in two installments.  Choose from the dropdown options below.

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Email me once you've registered, or with any questions you have, at  or connect with me on Facebook.


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