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Here's the thing. Most of us reach a point where we want to make some kind of change in our life. But let's face it, deciding we want to change is the easy part, doing something about it, well....that's where the difficulty comes in.  Sometimes, we need support to get where they want to be in life.  You're awesome, but admit it, it's freaking hard to make changes on your own! Been there, done that.  My life experience has taught me a whole hell of a lot about resilience, being comfortable in my own skin, and building a life that feels good to live.  I call that, my Big Life.  My mission is to help you do the same.

I am a teacher, a coach, an empathizer, a confidant, a cheerleader, a truth teller, and a damn good listener!  I can help you connect to your true nature, get your mojo back, or stop letting fear be the boss of you.  Ultimately, you know the answers, you know the solutions, you just need a little help connecting the dots and learning how to recognize your truth. That's where I come in. I can help support you on your journey to wholeness and reconnecting with your bad ass (authentic) self. I can help you navigate the rough spots and steer you in the direction of the big life you were meant to live. 

Here is the scoop on what I currently offer:

Kick Fear To The

Want to live a more courageous life?  Tired of fear stopping you from doing the things you want to do?  Then this is for you!

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Private Workshops or Group Coaching Session for your group, class or employees:

For adults or children & youth - Sessions can cover a variety of topics including mindfulness, dealing with fear, self-awareness, learning to say no, self-compassion and resilience. 

Contact me and we can arrange a session to suit your needs, in the privacy of your own home, workplace, or the location of your choosing.  You provide the space, people, nourishment.....I'll take care of the rest!



On my blog I write about how to take back what's yours (your time, your confidence, your power, your life), I share personal stories from my own life struggles and triumphs and I sometimes get opinionated and vent about stuff that burns my ass.  Have a read and see if something there resonates. 

Looking for a writer for hire?  Creative or Corporate, I've got you covered!  Get in touch here:


One to one coaching/guidance:

The duration/frequency of sessions varies depending on need/circumstance.                                                                          

The relationship is one of collaboration, respect, encouragement, support and confidentiality. 

I work to expand your view of what is possible and to promote discovery of new insights, in order to bring out the ‘truest’ you.  I listen carefully to what you say, operate as a sounding board, ask questions and offer feedback and strategies to provoke awareness and to help move you forward.  I help you get to the core of how you want to feel in your life.

Coaching sessions are usually conducted by telephone.  Skype or in-person sessions can be arranged if mutually agreed upon.

If your Spidey Senses are tingling right now, if your inner voice is hollering 'Hell Yeah!' or even if you just feel a vague sense of curiosity, jump on over to the Contact page and shoot me an email, send me a message on Facebook or drop a note in the mailbox. We can connect and go from there.

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"Lara is a wonderful inspiration, and the kind of woman I aspire to be. The way she is able to represent both the light and dark side of the human condition is beautiful. This being the second course I have completed of Lara's, I can honestly say she helps build bridges for others to feel safe in being exactly who they are without judgment. Thank you so much for sharing your own insight and vulnerability throughout this process, and for always making yourself available to others. You are a beautiful soul inside and out! Looking forward to seeing what lies ahead."       Laura-Leigh  GrannyBirdDesigns


"It was more than I could have hoped gave me a direction... Without a doubt or a moment of hesitation this workshop has and will continue to change my life and how I choose to live it."  Christine