Food For Thought

I DEVOUR information and LOVE to share! I have been profoundly moved, educated, guided and entertained by so many people and their offerings, that it is incredibly difficult to narrow it down to a just a few. Here, I give you a selection of some of my biggest influences and favourite soul food. Several of my greatest teachers don’t have a website, blog or book to share, but they have rocked my world just the same. I am grateful for the gift that each has given.

You might live in Kapuskasing, Buffalo Gap or Timbuktu, but inspiration can come from anywhere. Don’t you love how the internet makes the world a smaller place?

Be Open, Get inspired, Kick some ass!

“From the moment I knew Lara she seemed like the cement between the stones to me; knowing exactly how to connect people and make sure the interaction has a strong and lasting foundation.” -Gwen Hulsegge |




The Fire Starter Sessions

The Desire Map

Let's Pretend This Never Happened

Furiously Happy

Johnathan Livingston Seagull

In Praise of Slow

Under Pressure

Finding Your Own North Star

Finding Your Way in a Wild New World

Instead of Education

Comfort Me With Apples

Steering By Starlight

The Big Leap

Food Matters

Molecules of Emotion

Making A Living Without A Job

If You Want To Write

The Power of Myth

Thoughts are Things


The Four Agreements

Refuse to Choose

Language of Emotions

The Power of Now

The Spontaneous Healing of Belief

Start With Why

The Artist’s Way

Saving Fish from Drowning

The Alchemist

The New Feminine Brain

Eat, Pray, Love

The Kitchen God’s Wife

Big Magic

Daring Greatly


Big Night

What The Bleep Do We Know?

Like Water for Chocolate

Under The Tuscan Sun

Smoke Signals

Practical Magic

Food Inc.

Ambition to Meaning


Medicine Man

Bottle Shock



Tortilla Soup

Indiana Jones

Eat Drink Man Woman

Couples Retreat

Searching for Sugar Man

Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

I Am


In keeping with the Small Town, Big Life philosophy, I often share stuff I LOVE from the many talented folks who are living large right in my own backyard. Well….not technically my back yard, that would just be weird, but all of them are homegrown. I used to list them all here, but there is so much talent around here that I just couldn't keep up! So now, I do it on my Facebook Page and other social media.  I bet if you took a look around your own town, you’d find all kinds of people who are doing big things too!


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"Kick Fear To The Curb provided me with a rare opportunity to set aside time for myself to focus on my goals and to explore some of the reasons that prevent me from reaching them.  Fear can take many forms and it wasn't immediately obvious to me what mine were, but Lara provided a safe space and gentle encouragement that helped me navigate the process.  It was helpful to read the comments from others taking the course.  Everyone was being brave and afraid at the same time and it was inspiring." ~ Sandi

"Lara!! I am so grateful for you! Your Kick Fear to the Curb has brought me to a place I couldn't have reached without you and your course! I had the courage to call out that I wasn't happy in my current role in my career, approaching my mentors and coaches, and collectively had open discussions and made the move to a new role! Consequently, I have more time for me!" ~Marissa

"With Lara's guidance and support, I walked away from the experience with a fresh perspective, and a new found passion for life." Laura-Leigh

"Lara is a fantastic listener and thinker, someone I definitely turn to for her insight, empathy and compassion. I am humbled and proud to have her in my corner as  a colleague and friend." -Elyse Nakajima