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I love visual reminders. Honestly, I NEED them.  I also love inspiring and thought provoking words. So, I created ‘The Small Town, Big Life Proclamation’, a PDF poster for you to print out and post where you will see it often.

Consider it a friendly nudge in the right direction. 

Want Your Very Own Copy of the Small Town Proclamation?

Just click the link to download, and it's yours!

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Who doesn't love free stuff? Especially when it's this useful! 

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"Kick Fear To The Curb provided me with a rare opportunity to set aside time for myself to focus on my goals and to explore some of the reasons that prevent me from reaching them.  Fear can take many forms and it wasn't immediately obvious to me what mine were, but Lara provided a safe space and gentle encouragement that helped me navigate the process.  It was helpful to read the comments from others taking the course.  Everyone was being brave and afraid at the same time and it was inspiring." ~ Sandi

"Lara!! I am so grateful for you! Your Kick Fear to the Curb has brought me to a place I couldn't have reached without you and your course! I had the courage to call out that I wasn't happy in my current role in my career, approaching my mentors and coaches, and collectively had open discussions and made the move to a new role! Consequently, I have more time for me!" ~Marissa

"It was an amazing experience.  I would recommend Lara’s virtual workshop to any of my friends in a heartbeat! The community she has built is so positive and supportive. Lara does a great job of providing all the tools you need to feel good about your goals. I think the greatest takeaway from Lara's Virtual Workshop was learning to give myself space to feel the way I want to feel and not take my goals so harshly. It was also amazing to have Lara's reassurance that a lot of people feel the same throughout the process. She's very good at letting you know that you are not alone." Daniella


"With Lara's guidance and support, I walked away from the experience with a fresh perspective, and a new found passion for life." Laura-Leigh

"Lara provides a unique perspective on life, especially on how to live a good one. She truly is the real deal." - Christie Mims, Founder of The Revolutionary Club, A Forbes Top 100 Site |