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Witchy Wednesday - February 14, 2018

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Aquarius Solar Eclipse. Life is What Happens When We're Busy Making Other Plans!    Restlessness, Shake Ups, Insights, and Sudden Shifts.
I've been feeling the eclipse vibes in a big way!  I actually had some trouble getting my words out today, because my brain is a bit of a jumble right now.  But, I got my act together eventually, so bear with me!

This week, the Solar Eclipse in conjunction with Mercury, sextile Uranus, and square Jupiter, is likely to bring about flashes of insight, sudden change, opportunity, exaggerated emotions, and new beginning that may feel a little uncertain. 
The Hierophant has a message to be mindful of how we're conforming, to align ourselves with groups, traditions, and a tribe that feels right for us.  It also reminds us that we grow stronger in the broken places.  Is it time to be your own shaman?  Or do you need to search out teachers and guides that resonate with you?  The time for the blending of science/tradition,  and spirituality, is ripe.

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